Social Media Content Kickstart ($57 CAD)

Social Media Content Kickstart ($57 CAD)

Whether you're just starting out, or have been managing your business on social media for a while, it's legit to feel like it's a waste of time...

Chances are you're probably facing the same roadblocks other business owners are.

Questions like...

How do I stay consistent on social media if I don't know what to post?
Why is nobody engaging with what I'm sharing?
What is my competition doing on social media that makes them so successful?
How do I turn followers into actual customers?
How do I cut through all the noise on social media?

If any of those sound familiar and you're spending way too much time creating content that doesn't perform, know that you're not alone in the confusion!

There are too many "social media gurus, rockstars, mavens and ninjas" telling you what to do...

Ew, first of all, if you ever call me one of those names I'll throw up.

Secondly, we know people can tell others what they need to do, but the fact of the matter is, if they're not going to SHOW you what you need to do and actually HOW to do it, are you actually going to sit down and get it done?

Ain't nobody got time fo' vague and fluffy instructions, amirite?

I won't lie, social media is a LONG game and sure there are ways to skip to the finish line but those will get your accounts suspended and leave a bad taste in your audience's mouth.

You might be spending hours a day wondering what to post next or hundreds of dollars on tools that you were told you needed to succeed on social media.

But, here's the good news:

You can spend about an hour each week managing your social media marketing AND get paying customers from it.

In fact, there are ways to simplify and streamline your processes. There are actual step-by-step instructions you can use to create content that resonates with your audience and there are ways to make sales without acting salesy!

Day dream for a sec about creating content that gets engagement, fills your business up with new customers, cuts the overwhelm and slams the door on the lack of confidence in the content you're publishing on social media...

Wouldn't that be fucking amazing?

Well it's possible and the best part is... I've packaged up how to do it into a workbook called The Social Media Content Kickstart!

Yes I jam packed it with the actual information you need to start creating AND posting content.

In this step-by-step workbook you'll:

  • Know which social media platforms to focus on
  • ​Build your editorial calendar (know what's being posted months from now!)
  • ​​Create a unified and consistent voice and tone on social media
  • ​Prioritize important events and promotions
  • Learn to reuse past content you've already created
  • Automate where you ca as needed
  • ​Think outside the box and try new social media tactics that are proven to work

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