Accelerate Your Audience Course (Early Bird $227 CAD)

Accelerate Your Audience Course (Early Bird $227 CAD)

 Any small business owner can post to social media, but getting attention from potential clients is the hard part. The good news is you CAN grab the attention of your audience and accelerate the process of gaining followers who know, like and trust you! 

Want your social media efforts to result in sales?

You made it to this page for a reason. Lemme guess, you're more than likely:

  • Frustrated with the lack of results from social media after putting hours of work into your posts
  • Tired of watching your competition nail it with great engagement and tons of new followers every single day
  • Confused with how to effectively use social media to draw prospective clients in
  • Annoyed of feeling ignored by everyone on social media
  • Overwhelmed with trying to be on every single social media platform to grab your audience's attention

Grow a following that will buy your products & services! 

If you're sick of bullsh*t, vague and non-actionable content by so-called "social media gurus", you're in the right place!

Look, I'll give it to ya straight, follower count is just a number and in the end, it's basically a vanity metric. It doesn't mean anything if you have 200 or 10,000 followers, what matters is the quality of those followers.

Are they in your service area?

Are they likely to buy from you?

Do they engage with your business on a regular basis?

Are they interested in what you have to say?

After 9 years of working with clients, whether they were small businesses or international corporations, they all had the same question: "What's the point of social media followers if none of them are buying?"

They knew they had to build their audience, but none of them were sure how to convert those followers into purchases.

If only engagement actually meant sales, we could just post cat memes and get all the likes and then we'd be millionaires, right?!

Lotsa social media people will tell you:- post quality content- talk about your audience and not yourself- focus on getting engagement... But WTF does that actually mean?! I can tell my clients to "post quality content that resonates with their audience" but in the end, they're probably going to be totally lost.

These general tips aren't helpful, they're not actionable and they're not explained enough for business owners to understand. But broken down into steps and goals, they're more digestible (like a cookie!) and easy to follow.

So, I got fed the eff up and I gathered the training I've done and continue to do with my clients and created a step-by-step system... 

 I'm so excited to provide you with access to my system of growing a social media audience full of qualified buyers.Forget the vanity metrics, by the end of this course you'll be able to:

  • Tailor your social media approach in a way that sticks with your audience, keeping you top of mind
  • Attract your ideal client and start to engage and build real relationships with them
  • Nurture the relationships you create on social media so they ultimately become clients
  • Identify the gaps that exist in your current social media presence
  • Create and hit measurable audience growth goals
  • Get followers to click through to an email opt-in, so that you're consistently adding subscribers to your email list
  • Execute advanced audience building techniques when you're ready so you can expand your reach and make more sales

That's only a fraction of what you'll learn inside Accelerate Your Audience. 

8 Modules

Introduction: Watch This!

Module 2: Get to Know Your Audience

Module 3: Attract Your Ideal Audience

Module 4: Engage & Nuture Relationships for Selling

Module 5: Optimize Your Audience Growth

Module 6: Review & Refine

Support: Join the Facebook Group

Modules for this product 8
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